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Exciting Huntsville Sites

Exciting Sites To See In Huntsville, Alabama
by Mike Manosky © 2006, All Rights Reserved

Huntsville, Alabama and the nearby cities have a lot to offer in the way of site seeing. From theaters to museums to antique shops, there’s plenty to do and see in Huntsville. Real estate is also a popular attraction in and around the area, including Helen Keller’s childhood home as well as the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, home of Space Camp.

Helen Keller’s Childhood Home – Ivy Green

Most people are familiar with the story of Helen Keller. They may not know, however, that she lived in a small town called Tuscumbia near Huntsville. Real estate belonging to her family included 640 acres, the main house or estate, the guesthouse (the cottage) where the famous battles between teacher Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller took place, the annex and – of course – the water pump where Helen learned her first word in sign language… water.

Space Camp

Every year kids and adults alike thrill at the thought of going to Space Camp. The museum offers the original Mercury and Gemini capsule trainers, the actual Apollo 16 capsule as well as a life-size replica of the Apollo 11 Saturn V and more. See how astronauts lived in space aboard the MIR, and tour many other space-related ships, capsules and rockets.

For kids, however, Space Camp is the main attraction. With age-appropriate child programs, child/parent programs, adult programs and corporate programs, attendees can look forward to exploring space, aviation and robotics. From flight simulation to zero gravity exercises, Space Camp is just cool!

Antique Shopping In and Around
Huntsville, Alabama

If searching for treasures from the past is your idea of fun, you’ll be thrilled to know that over two-dozen antique shops and malls are located in Huntsville. Real estate including old houses, barns and more have been converted into quaint shops and malls, some with delightful cafes serving lunch and dinner. From furniture to accessories to jewelry and more, you can literally shop ’til you drop!

Old MacDonald’s Petting Zoo

Just a few minutes from Huntsville, Old MacDonald’s Petting Zoo offers a pond, a playground with plenty of equipment for swinging and climbing, a shaded picnic area, a gift shop, a snack bar, changing tables for babies and – of course – animals!

On six acres of partially wooded real estate, Old MacDonald’s is home to child-friendly critters including miniature donkeys, raccoons, squirrels, cows, emu, goats, sheep, deer and more. Adults and children are encouraged to pet and feed the animals – some of which are in large cages and others that roam free. It’s a great experience for the whole family.

If you’re new to the Huntsville area or just looking for something new and exciting to do this weekend, consider these family-friendly sites and activities. You’ll make some great memories with your children and thoroughly enjoy yourself in the process.

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