Bring A Smile!

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On August 11, 2006

Yesterday’s foiled terror plot in London was a grim reminder that there are fanatics out there who want to inflict major harm on innocent people. The good news is intelligence agencies were on top of the situation and could thwart the plot before it actually occurred. Bravo!!

Now, we deal with the realities of increased security at airports. Tightened security is not fun…either for the workers or the travelers, but is necessary. What will make it all more bearable is patience with the system andĀ the folks who are trying to administer it, as well as, preparation.

Life at airport check-in will be easier if we call come prepared. New security measures require:

* No liquids of any kind in carry-on luggage. Put it in your checked bags. This includes packages of condiments for the sandwich you just bought in the airport.

* You may carry on prescription drugsĀ and baby formula. Have a copy of your prescription and make sure the names match!

* For domestic flights, arrive 3 hours ahead of time and 4 hours ahead for international flights.

And most of all arrive with a smile and a sense of humor. You’ll be amazed at how much easier the whole process is.

Make it a great day and keep safe!!
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