6 Ways To Eliminate Pet Odors When Selling Your Huntsville Home

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On March 30, 2007

Everyone loves pets, but pet odors can be a turn off to prospective home buyers.  These odors are more noticeable to strangers coming into your home than they are to you personally. Here are ways to eliminate offensive odors when selling your Huntsville home.

1. Use a black-light to locate odor-producing areas.

2. Apply the appropriate odor neutralizer or cleaner.

3. Never use ammonia. It will remove odors, but more often than not causes more accidents.

4. Choose the best product of the stain or odor. Talk with your pet supply store owner for suggestions.

5. Test all cleaners in a hidden area before moving to the middle of the room.

6. The most effective and safest disinfectant for use around pets is Chlorhexidine, which is sold under such names as Nolvasan, Chlorasan and Chlorhex.

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