Should I Buy Huntsville Real Estate In These Troubling Economic Times?

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On October 21, 2008

Should I Buy Huntsville Real Estate In These Troubling Economic Times?

huntsville real estateThe Huntsville real estate housing market has never been better for many potential buyers. In fact, more often than not, it is less expensive to own your own home rather than rent. 

The National Low Income Housing Coalition reports that in 57 out of the 100 most populated metro areas, renting a three-bedroom home is more expensive than monthly costs on a six percent mortgage for a typical low-priced house in the same area. 

With all the news these days concerning the economic crunch and these tumultuous economic times, you might think I’m crazy saying it is a good time to buy a Huntsville home. Of course, home buyers with strong credit are best positioned to take advantage of today’s opportunities. A high credit score will yield a lower interest rate and increase the likelihood that a loan application will be approved. 

For example, a home buyer with a 6 percent mortgage will pay a third less per month than a buyer who has a loan at 8 percent. This difference can be hundreds of dollars per month. 

FHA loans, VA loans and government backed first-time buyer loans are all available to qualified buyers. With the current low interest rates and affordable home prices, it is a great time to buy your Huntsville home. 

It is also a time to keep in mind that buying Huntsville real estate is a long term investment…and an investment you and your family can enjoy for many years!

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