Did You Know Floors Can Sell Huntsville Homes?

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On September 11, 2009

Have you ever walked into one of the Huntsville homes and looked down to see stained carpet or flooring?  It brings a little thought of “ew” sometimes, doesn’t it?  Imagine if you were a buyer looking at the same floor. 

The right type of flooring, and flooring that is well taken care of, can make a big difference to buyers.  If your floor brings on the “ew” thought, here are a few fixes to help make sure your home sells: 

Does your home have hardwood floors?

You’re in luck.  Buyers love hardwood floors and some will actually pay extra to get them.  In fact, it could be that final selling point.  If your hardwood floors are covered by carpet, painted over or showing anything but the natural wood grain, it’s time for an overhaul.  Pull up those carpets and get to sanding.  

With the ability to rent large sanders and other tools, you can either refinish the hardwood floor yourself or hire a professional.  Remember, however, that hardwood floors in Huntsville homes have a tendency to show off scratches, dents and uneven surfaces.  If you don’t think you could do a good job, hire a professional. 

Does your home have carpeting?

If you don’t have hardwood floors, take a look at your carpeting.  If it’s stained, out-dated, bright or ragged, it’s time to pull it up.  When laying the new carpet, use good carpet padding to make it comfortable to stand on.  Many buyers will lean down and touch the floor, so make sure the carpet feels soft to the touch.  

In addition, don’t go for the bright colors.  Pick a neutral carpet color that goes well with the home. 

Does your home have tiles?

Although tiles are beautiful, they typically show every ounce of old grime, dirt, chips and cracks.  Go through your home and replace any that are chipped, cracked or show signs of bad wear and tear.  Make sure the grout is clean and new looking, and use cleaners (or a steam cleaner) to get rid of any stains. 

Beautiful floors can go a long way towards selling Huntsville homes.  Take a good, honest look at yours.  Show your floors some TLC.  It might just get your home sold. 

If you’re ready to sell your Huntsville home, I can help.  Call me at 800-803-0053 or 256-508-0211 or email me at mike@movetohuntsville for more information.

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