What Future Buyers Are Looking For In Huntsville Homes for Sale

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On August 13, 2010

Owners of Huntsville homes for sale are wondering, “What are buyers looking for?” This is especially true if the home has been on the market for a while. Well, homeowners aren’t the only ones. Several companies, including Better Homes and Gardens and Avid Ratings, the exclusive research provider for the National Association of Home Builders, have researched this question.

home buyer-grassSo, what are buyers looking for in national and Huntsville homes for sale? In a 2010 Avid Ratings homebuyer’s study, over 22,000 homeowners, who bought their homes in the past nine years, provide some clues. In short, the study says practicality beats out extras any day.

The days of formal dining rooms, oversized backyard patios and community clubhouses are gone. Swimming pools aren’t that big a deal, but neither are upstairs laundry rooms or home theaters. These extras have been replaced by practicalities such as:

  • Children’s playground
  • Walking paths
  • Large kitchens (with island if possible)
  • Home office or study
  • Main-floor master bedroom
  • Two-car garages
  • Oversize showers with seating

As well, although buyers are willing to have less space, they’re big on “green” features such as high-efficiency windows, insulation and appliances.

The home survey by Better Homes and Gardens reveals much the same information. Homeowners and potential buyers pointed towards downsizing into smaller, greener homes. Again, high-efficiency appliances topped the interest levels, with a lean towards Energy Star appliances.

The home office is still a priority, although it doesn’t have to be dedicated space; many would be perfectly happy with a multi-purpose space, instead. The real key, however, is no wasted space, along with ample storage.

If you’re considering doing any amount of remodeling to excite potential buyers, the information contained in these surveys are priceless. If you’re one of the owners of Huntsville homes for sale thinking your house is too small, it’s great news. If you thought you might upgrade to more energy-efficient appliances, you’re on the right track. Consider what you can do to make your home more “future buyer” friendly!

If you’d like to sell your home or are looking for a more energy-efficient home, I can help. Call me now at 800-803-0053, 256-508-0211 or email me at Mike@MoveToHuntsville.com for more information.

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