Holiday Gifts for New Huntsville Home Owners

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On December 20, 2010

To find the perfect holiday gifts for new Huntsville home owners, consider gifts that will keep on giving efficiency, convenience and luxury for years to come.  To help with your shopping, here’s my list of seven great holiday gifts for new Huntsville home owners:

1.       Gift card to a local home store.  This is the easiest gift to give, and often the most popular with home owners.  It can help finance their bathroom remodel or purchase of a large item like a riding lawn mower.

santa letter2.       Fireproof safe or lockbox.  A small fireproof safe is the perfect place to store important items such as mortgage papers, home owner’s insurance information and receipts for home repairs.

3.       Luxurious bath towels.  You can never have too many big, thick bath towels.  Consider getting them monogrammed if you want to do something a little extra special.

4.       Green cleaning products.  You can buy green cleaning products at just about any store.  Or, you can make non-toxic cleaning products, put them in nice spray bottles and include the recipes so the home owners can make more when the bottles are empty.

5.       Subscription to a home-related magazine.  There are magazines about decorating, cooking, entertaining, and home repairs. Consider Family Handyman Magazine for those who want to learn the basics of home repair, Real Simple Magazine for those who love to organize, or Do It Yourself Magazine for, guess what, the do-it yourselfers.

6.       Luxury showerhead.  Give the gift of daily luxury with one of the spa-style showerheads.  You can find showerheads that provide a wide variety of sensations from an energizing massage to a relaxing rain shower.

7.       Your time. Create your own coupon offering a set number of hours of your time helping with home projects such as painting, mowing the lawn or, if you’re not handy, babysitting while the home owners work on a project.

If you’re a Huntsville home owner, you might want to give yourself one of these great gifts.  If you don’t own a home, consider giving yourself the gift of home ownership.  Call me today at 800-803-0053, 256-508-0211 or email me, and I’ll send you a list of homes for sale that meet your needs.

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