5 Steps to Hiring the Best Contractor for Your Huntsville Real Estate Project

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On May 18, 2011

Whether you need a contractor for a minor project like a plumbing problem or a major project like a room addition, it’s important to evaluate potential contractors before hiring them.  Here are 5 steps to finding the best contractor for your Huntsville real estate project:

  1. Get multiple quotes.  Even if your toilet is overflowing onto your living room’s carpet, take the time to get 2 or 3 estimates.  Haste can cost a lot more than replacing the carpet in your Huntsville real estate.
  2. Check references.  Talk with the former clients of the contractor you’re considering hiring.  Find out what it was really like to work with the contractor.  Two of the best questions to ask are:
         a.  What was your favorite thing about the contractor? 
         b. What was your least favorite thing about the contractor?
  3. Call the insurer and licensing board.  Confirm that the contractor you’re thinking about hiring has adequate and current liability coverage and a current license.  Just asking the contractor is not sufficient.
  4. Search for complaints.  Search online on the company name plus the word “complaints.”  It’s often surprising what you’ll find.  Also, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been registered with them.
  5. Negotiate a maximum hourly rate.  If the job goes quickly, you won’t pay what could be a higher estimate. 

I know it’s easier to just hire the first contractor who returns your call.  Don’t do it.  Taking the easy way out can cost you hours, days or weeks of frustration and hundreds of dollars.

Need the name of a professional contractor for a project on your Huntsville real estate?   I’ve worked with several great contractors and would be happy to give you some recommendations.  Give me a call today at 800-803-0053, 256-508-0211 or email me at mike@movetohuntsville.com.

Having lived in the Huntsville AL area for most of his life, Mike Manosky understands exactly what makes this community special.  In fact, those who know him well will tell you he carries the same traditional values and focus on the future as Huntsville. 

Mike brings with him a keen eye for the details of buying or selling a Huntsville AL home and seemingly boundless determination and energy, which is why his clients benefit from his unique brand of real estate service. Rooted in Tradition, Focused on the Future – Mike Manosky will help make the most of your Huntsville AL real estate experience. Give him a call today, 256-508-0211 Direct or 800-803-0053 Toll Free, and discover the difference he can make during your family’s move.


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