10 Most Important Things to Do When Staging Your Huntsville AL Home for Sale

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On March 6, 2012

Selling your home takes more effort than simply listing your Huntsville AL home for sale in an MLS and placing a For Sale sign in the front yard. You have to showcase your home in a way that makes potential buyers desire it.

One of the best ways to create this desire is to stage your home so that buyers can see themselves living in it.  Here are the 10 most important things to do when staging your Huntsville AL home for sale.

  1. Remove personal touches. Buyers want to picture themselves in your home, not you and your family. Remove family photos, memorabilia and collections.
  2. De-clutter. Clear the bathroom and kitchen counters. Take knickknacks off the shelves. Pack away half of the kids’ toys.
  3. Organize your cabinets and closets. Take the time to neatly stack dishes and fold towels. Arrange your spices and canned goods. Interested buyers will look in all your cabinets and closets.
  4. Make minor repairs. Go through your home and take care of issues like stuck drawers, missing cabinet hardware, and leaky faucets.  This shows potential buyers that you meticulously care for your home.
  5. Clean. Scrub every inch of your home. Remove cobwebs and the dust collected on your ceiling fans. Scour the grout on the bathroom floor. Replace worn rugs. Hang fresh towels. Clean out your refrigerator.
  6. Freshen your yard. Remove and replace dead or dying plants. Trim hedges. Rake leaves.  Clean the windows.
  7. Get rid of odors. Take out the trash daily and avoid cooking with strong foods or spices. Place potpourri or wall air fresheners strategically throughout your home.
  8. Think neutral. Neutral colors sell homes. Go ahead and repaint your rooms with a neutral color, especially if your home is decorated with very personal colors or wallpaper designs.
  9. Make your rooms look bigger. Take extra leaves out of your dining room table. Remove the extra chairs and bookcases in your living room.
  10. Rent a storage unit. Don’t stuff your garage with all those items you packed away or removed from your rooms to make them look bigger.  Keep your garage looking great by moving the boxes and furniture to a storage unit.

Let me help you stage your Huntsville AL home for a fast sale. Call me today at 256-508-0211 Direct or 800-803-0053 Toll Free or email me at mike@movetohuntsville.com to schedule an appointment.

Having lived in the Huntsville AL area for most of his life, Mike Manosky understands exactly what makes this community special.  In fact, those who know him well will tell you he carries the same traditional values and focus on the future as Huntsville.

Mike brings with him a keen eye for the details of buying or selling a Huntsville AL home and seemingly boundless determination and energy, which is why his clients benefit from his unique brand of real estate service. Rooted in Tradition, Focused on the Future – Mike Manosky will help make the most of your Huntsville AL real estate experience. Give him a call today, 256-508-0211 Direct or 800-803-0053 Toll Free, and discover the difference he can make during your family’s move.

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