Your Next Huntsville AL Home—New or Existing?

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On March 16, 2013

Thinking of buying a Huntsville AL home?  One of the first considerations you must weigh is your preference for  an existing home or a newly-built one. Keeping clarity in this situation means focusing on your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and only you can determine which is better for your circumstances.

Points to ponder while making the decision:


  • While a newly-built Huntsville AL home many require less maintenance and fewer repairs initially, you may get a higher quality craftsmanship with an existing house since it was built when material and labor were less expensive.  It may also be that major renovations have been done to the older home, but do they meet the present building codes?  Check, too, for energy efficiency and the use of hazardous materials if these are important to you.


  • Because many new communities are being constructed in outlying areas, you should think about increased commuting distance, time, and expenses.  Think, too, about proximity to stores, medical facilities, schools, friends and family, and community amenities.
  • The biggest advantage of existing homes may well be the maturity of the community with established trees, sidewalks, large yards, and developed landscaping.  Also, buying in an established community allows you to know more about the schools and neighbors.
  • Buying in a new community may also involve living with the noise and disruption of on-going construction—sometimes for many years.


  • Because consumer tastes have changed over the decades, newer Huntsville AL homes have fewer but larger rooms and include spacious kitchens, great rooms, and multiple large bathrooms.  Although an older home may have smaller rooms and less storage space, they usually offer more interesting architectural features and a cozy feeling.


  • Existing homes usually cost less per square foot due to escalating land costs in new subdivisions. New homes are often built in outlying areas where the municipalities need to charge higher taxes since there are fewer families to pay for basic services. Additionally, newer homes are often subject to assessment fees for amenities the family may or may not use.
  • On the other hand, maintenance and/or repair expenses for older homes can be quite costly.
  • Builders may offer buy-downs, which can save thousands of dollars of mortgage expense over the lifetime of the loan, while the seller of an existing Huntsville AL home may be more willing to negotiate a lower asking price.

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