Creative Ways to Sell Your Huntsville AL Home Quickly

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On September 20, 2013

If you’re looking to sell your Huntsville AL home in today’s real estate market, you have most likely already read numerous articles advising you to set a realistic price, pay attention to curb appeal, thoroughly clean and de-clutter, remove large pieces of furniture, repaint in neutral colors, remove personal mementos, and the like.  All of this information is valid and 1079525_bloguseful, but there are other, less-publicized ways to appeal to potential buyers.  Read on for some creative tips on how to generate interest and get the best price possible.

  • Arrange for a pre-listing home inspection.  In addition to facilitating the sale of your Huntsville AL home by reassuring potential buyers, an inspection helps you comply with full-disclosure real estate laws.  You can also have a termite inspection done.
  • Use online venues and your personal networks to market your house.  Put an ad on Craigslist, use sites like or, promote the house through social media like Facebook and Twitter, and send out a copy of your listing to people on your email list.  Sometimes word of mouth is one of the best ways to market a house.
  • Replace all brass fixtures.  Today’s buyers dislike this “cheap” look that may have been fashionable a couple of decades ago, but it has to go if it’s in your Huntsville AL home today.  Switch out each light fixture, switch plate, door hinge, knob, and faucet with for ones with a modern oil-rubbed bronze or nickel finish.
  • Add power outlets with USB ports in rooms that lack them, especially in the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms where they’re most needed.  Also, find a place for a wireless router for use with the Internet and flat-screen TVs.
  • Offer more unusual incentives.  Paying a buyer’s closing costs, taking care of HOA fees for the first year,  giving a “redecorating” credit, or providing a home warranty for a set time period have become almost expected perks, but you can consider landscaping services, personalized gift certificates (home supply store or a plant nursery, e.g.) or a flexible closing date.
  • For equally effective, but more expensive buyer magnets, look into outfitting closets for extra storage (top contenders are an entry closet, a kitchen pantry, and a linen closet) or removing much-maligned “popcorn” ceilings.  Click here for DIY instructions or get estimates from a professional.

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