Does Your Huntsville AL Home Reflect Your Personality?

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On June 22, 2014

Home design is an important deciding factor when you are looking for a Huntsville AL home to purchase. This is because, like fashion and career choices, the style of your home is a form of self-expression and most likely reflects your personality.  In fact, results of a  2011 housing survey indicate that more than seven in ten homeowners see a relationship between their personalities and their home exteriors.

home reflect your personalityIntrigued?  Read on to discover which architectural style home might be a good match for you.

The Bungalow:

This small, single-story home is considered simple and easy to maintain.  With styles ranging from the Craftsman to the California bungalow, owners who wish to live a carefree and easy lifestyle find these incredibly appealing. Bungalow owners are generally liberated in personality and eager to keep their expenses low and their lifestyle trouble-free.

The Cape Cod:

Typically a one-and-a-half story dormered home, the Cape Cod features side gables, a small overhang, and sloped roof. Such a residence has an owner who loves to relax and enjoy a structured home after a long and busy day. The Cape Cod owner is warm-hearted in nature and tries to create an atmosphere that’s in communes with surrounding scenery.

The Colonial:

This home blends your appreciation of tradition and symmetry with your desire to be seen as a successful member of your community. The nuances of your strong  personality are reflected in the particular style of colonial you are attracted to – from Georgian to Federal.

The Craftsman:

Just as the design of this house is simple and honest, so too is its owner.  The incorporation of hand-crafted objects makes it both unique and artistically appealing. An owner living in a Craftsman is whimsical and deeply immersed in the small details of life, paying close attention to the quality rather than quantity of life.

The Contemporary:

You have a need to have contact with nature, right down to what materials are used in your Huntsville AL home, and you value open spaces and clean lines. Transparency and openness are important concepts in contemporary design.

The Victorian:

A person with a Victorian home style is often considered extravagant in personality. The building and all its applications tell a story of the owner’s sentimental personality.  Victorian designs are beautiful and tend to create fantasy and dreams around them.

Understanding your personality type and the style of home that makes you happy may just make your buying experience easier and your life in your Huntsville AL home much more enjoyable!

Information compliments of Huntsville Real Estate Broker, Mike Manosky.

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