13 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On September 19, 2014

In today’s economy, many potential purchasers don’t have extra cash available for repairs and updates and are looking for move-in ready houses.  It makes sense, therefore, in order to attract serious buyers and add value to your home, that you consider the following relatively inexpensive and non-time-consuming improvements:

add valueInterior updates:

  1. If you can’t replace the water heater in with a tankless model, wrap the one you have in fireproof insulation.
  2. Install modern light switches and outlets throughout your home.  Add dimmer switches.
  3. Insulate windows.  (Easy-to-follow instructions.)
  4. In bathrooms replace dated towel racks, light fixtures, sinks, toilet seats, and hardware.  Purchase a low flow toilet.  Re-grout where needed.  If the floor is in poor shape, consider putting easy-to-install vinyl tiles right over the old one.
  5. Add crown moldings, wood trim, and/or cornices to give room a look of quality.
  6. Update your kitchen inexpensively by replacing fixtures, faucets, and hardware.  Consider pendant lighting.  Refinish cabinets rather than replacing them.
  7. Clean and organize all closets.  For helpful free and/or inexpensive designs created for your particular needs, visit Closet Maid.

Exterior improvements:

  1.  Keep shrubs and trees neatly pruned.  Plant new trees for energy savings and aesthetic value.
  2. Add low-voltage lighting for pathways
  3. Pay attention to the front door.  Does it need new weather stripping?  A fresh coat of paint? Updated (or at least polished) hardware—knockers, knobs, hinges, and light fixtures?
  4. Spend $10 to test your lawn for needed nutrients.
  5. Attend to the garage door.  Use a mixture of one part bleach to three parts water and a soft-bristled brush to give it a thorough cleaning.  Still dirty or stained?  Rent a power washer for about $60.
  6. Check for faded or peeling paint.  Sand and apply a fresh coat.

Real estate gurus will tell you that the wisest updates you can make are in the kitchen and the bathroom.  (Not only are these rooms of high importance to buyers, those updates will add the most value and give you a good return on your money.)  Check BankRate.com and DIYnetwork.com for suggestions and good advice on the benefits of more ambitious projects.

Information courtesy of Huntsville AL real estate broker, Mike Manosky.

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