Writing a Winning Offer Letter

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On October 7, 2016


If you have found the home of your dreams you may want to do a few things when writing your offer letter to make it stand out above all of the others that most likely are coming in.  Today’s housing market is booming and houses are selling quickly.  In order to make your offer seem better than all the others out there, do your part to make your offer letter the best it can possibly be.  Below are a few ideas on writing a winning offer letter. 

  1. Showing a bit of sentiment in your offer letter is a great way to pull on the heart strings of the seller.  If for example you grew up in a home similar to the one that you want to make an offer on, write about how this home compares with the house of your childhood and how you want to make your children’s childhood memorable like yours.  These types of things may pull on the heart strings of the seller and sway them to pick you out of all of the other offers they may have coming in and therefore win you the bid.
  2. Another way to write a winning offer letter is to be very flattering. Tell the owner’s of the home exactly how much the house spoke to you when you walked inside of it.  Go on and on about how the updated appliances for example shocked and awed you and how the entrance to the house showed grandeur etc etc.  This kind of flattery can get you far when it comes to competing with other folks offers on a home.
  3. If you happen to know that the seller of a home has dogs then you already know you will get far by commenting how much you look forward to playing in the back yard with your dogs and your family. Bonding with the owner’s heart strings by talking about how your animals will enjoy their house is a perfect way to win their hearts over others who might not have the same love of animals.

These are just a few ways to make your offer letter stand out above all of the rest of the offer letters on the home of your dreams.  In this market you have to do the best you can to make yourself and your family stand out above the rest.  If you follow these guidelines for writing a wining offer letter  you might just find yourself winning the bid!

Courtesy of Huntsville AL Real Estate Broker Mike Manosky.

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