Kitchen Renovations That Won’t Break the Bank

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On January 13, 2017

Home renovations can be fun but when it comes to kitchen renovations it can get a bit expensive and may even set your budget into a tail spin.  Below are a few ideas for kitchen renovations that won’t be as likely to break the bank.

  1. Paint is a very inexpensive way to renovate most any room and it can do a lot for your kitchen too.  If you are crafty enough you can even try your hand at painting your kitchen cabinets.  You might be surprised at just what a difference painting your kitchen cabinets a different color will do to brighten up your kitchen.    If your kitchen cabinets have always been a dark color, opt for a lighter brighter color and even do a bit of antiquing to make it look like a professional may have had a hand in it.
  2. Another great way to renovate your kitchen that won’t cost you and arm and a leg is to add an island. You don’t have to buy a real expensive island; you can maybe even find a small island at a local second hand store that can be refinished and look brand new in no time.
  3. Yet another easy less expensive kitchen remodel is to simply de-clutter your kitchen.  Many of us tend to set our belongings down on the kitchen table when we walk into the house each day after work and this can make your kitchen look awful after a while.  Simply by taking some time to get rid of the kitchen clutter you can help your kitchen look like a new space entirely without spending a dime to do it.
  4. If you have the funds to purchase at least one new appliance for your kitchen remodel you should purchase a dishwasher in a vibrant color such as a red or pink. This type of kitchen spruce up won’t cost you near as much as buying all new kitchen appliances and it can make a big impact.
  5. Changing out your cabinet pulls and knobs is another easy and inexpensive way to help your kitchen to have a facelift.

These are just a few ideas on how to do some kitchen renovations that won’t be so hard on your pocketbook.

Courtesy Huntsville AL Real Estate Broker Mike Manosky.

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