The Joy of Downsizing

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On April 13, 2018

People downsize to smaller homes for many reasons:

  • Your children have grown up and moved out leaving you with an empty nest. 
  • You have retired or you are planning to retire soon. 
  • You are tired of the upkeep it takes to maintain a large house. 
  • You would rather spend your free time traveling or on your hobbies rather than cleaning your house. 
  • Increased taxes and upkeep have made your current home too expensive. 
  • You’ve lost a spouse or partner and you’re living alone. 
  • You’ve always wanted to live at the beach, in the mountains, on a lake, etc. and want a smaller dream house in one of those locales. 
  • You’ve built up a lot of Equity in your current home and want to start using it for other things. 

Whatever the reason, downsizing is a good move that will likely bring you more joy.  Here are the reasons why: 

  • Your house will be easier to maintain and you will spend less time cleaning. 
  • You will spend less money on everything from your mortgage, taxes and insurance to your heating, cooling, and electricity.   
  • Having less debt will eliminate the financial stress that comes with a huge mortgage payment. 
  • A home that doesn’t drain your resources and energy will give you peace of mind.  And that is priceless. 
  • A smaller home has a positive impact on the environment because it requires less resources to build and maintain.  
  • You will have more free time for living the life you want. 
  • It will force you to declutter and cut back on your belongings and keep you from buying more. 
  • If decorating is not your thing, a smaller house will make it less overwhelming for you. 
  • When the time comes to sell, a smaller, more affordable home will appeal to a larger percentage of the population. 

Downsizing doesn’t mean you should move into one of the tiny houses that are trendy right now.  It might be just going from four bedrooms/three baths to three bedrooms/two baths.  A professional Realtor can assist you in finding a smaller home that will suit all your needs and provide you with a happier, more peaceful lifestyle. 

If you’re looking to downsize, Mike Manosky can help you sell your current home in addition to helping you find a new, smaller home to call your own. Give him a call today at 256-508-0211! 

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