Hosting a Halloween Haunted House

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On October 12, 2018

Hosting a Halloween Haunted House

Halloween is around the corner, so if you are thinking of turning your home into a spooky haunted house, now is the time to start planning!  Here are some tips for creating a frighteningly fun experience for trick or treaters who come to your house this year:

  • Set the Mood – Your front yard is the ideal place to start with decorations that let your guests know they are in for some scary surprises! Create a creepy cemetery using faux tombstones.  Hang scream-inducing masks from trees and shrubs. Use fake spider webs around your porch and front entrance.  And to really get people in the right frame of mind, set up some outdoor speakers and play some haunting music! 55 Halloween Songs to Soundtrack Your Spooky Soiree
  • Play the Perfect Host – A proper haunted house needs a proper host. Have a family member dress as a witch or a mummy or another scary character of their choice and put them in charge of guiding guests to different parts of the haunted house.
  • Decorate Like Crazy! – First, to give your home a haunted feel, you will want it to be cold. If it’s nice and cool outside, open your windows and let the cold air indoors. If it’s still warm outside, crank your AC up to provide a chilly ambiance.  Put sheets over furniture and windows and keep overhead lights off.  Create dim lighting with battery operated candles. Now it’s time to pull out all the stops with décor…spiders, mice, skeletons and ghosts…oh my!
  • Trick Your Guests with Illusions – There is nothing more likely to give a good scare than seeing the unexpected. Create illusions that will give your guests a little shock!  ILLUSIONS!
  • Serve Scary Snacks – Forget caramel apples…try Black Toffee Apples instead and call label them “Poison Apples”. Concoct a fizzy, green monster drink with frozen lemonade, Sprite and green food coloring. There are tons of fun recipes for “gory” ways to serve food to your Haunted House guests. Check some out here: Disgusting or Delicious?
  • Play Some Ghoulish Games! – Make the night even more fun with some games. You can go old school with bobbing for apples, or you can get more creative – for example, hide gummy worms in a plate of whipped cream and have the kids find them or create a spider web on the wall and play “Pin the Spider on the Web”.
  • Create Mystery Boxes – All you need are some containers and a blindfold and everyone will have fun trying to guess what kind of food is in each “mystery box”. Cooked spaghetti is perfect for brains, corn kernels make great monster teeth, and peeled grapes feel like nice, squishy eyeballs!

These are just a few ideas to help you start to plan a fantastic Halloween Haunted House!  Happy Haunting!

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