Take Care of Your Fur Babies on New Year’s Eve

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On December 20, 2019

If you have a pet that gets anxious or scared when fireworks go off, then you know how stressful New Year’s Eve can be.  How can you enjoy your night when you know your sweet fur baby is terrified by the loud noises?  Here are some ways to try to help alleviate your dog’s anxiety:

  • If your dog is crate trained, New Year’s Eve is a good night to confine her to the crate. It provides a sense of security and safety. Provide a blanket or towel with your scent for extra security.  Don’t try this if your dog has not been crate trained.  Introducing something new when your dog is already anxious will just make things worse.
  • Make sure your dog gets lots of exercise. Take your dog for a long walk earlier in the day so that he is good and tired by the time the fireworks start.  Dogs are less likely to panic if they are tired and have less energy.
  • Go somewhere else for the night. If you live in a neighborhood that is particularly rowdy on New Year’s Eve, you may want to take your pooch on a little respite to get away from the loud noises.
  • Distract your dog with a special treat or chew toy. If you haven’t spent a New Year’s Eve with your dog before and you’re not sure how he will handle the fireworks, giving treats will help him associate the loud noises with something positive.
  • Have the tv on or even better, play some soothing music. The constant noise will help muffle the sounds outside and be a distraction from the fireworks.
  • Have a talk with your veterinarian if you are concerned about your dog’s anxiety. If your dog gets super anxious, a vet may be able to prescribe something to help keep her calm.

Our pets are beloved family members and the last thing we want to do is celebrate when we know they are suffering.  So, be prepared for the fireworks and hopefully you can ring in the new year with a calm and happy pup!

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