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Creating a Back-to-School Routine

By: Huntsville Real Estate Expert Mike Manosky On August 13, 2021

With kids heading back to school, it can be challenging to transition from a summer schedule to a more demanding school year schedule, especially since kids will be going back to school in person this year. Establishing a morning routine will help keep everyone organized. The last thing you need when trying to get of the door on time is the chaos that comes with rushing. Here are some tips for creating an effective routine for your family:

  • Set a time for waking up on school mornings and stick to it. Consistency is key. By waking up at the same time every day, you will develop a pattern of wakefulness and sleepiness each day. It’s equally important to go to bed the same time every night, especially for young children who need 10 to 11 hours of sleep. Once you have determined what time your kids need to get up to get ready for school, you can then easily determine what time they need to go to bed.
  • Prepare for each day the evening before. Make sure that school bags are packed up and placed in a designated spot to be picked up the next morning. In fact, it’s best to have a “drop zone” where kids can keep their bags, shoes, jackets and school papers so that everything will be easily accessible. Have your children choose their outfits the night before as well. Plan for lunches if your children will be bringing them from home. Have them ready to grab and go. Get the day off to a good start by having everything organized and ready to go.
  • Create a “to do” list for your children that includes everything they need to do before leaving for school; brushing teeth, getting dressed, putting on shoes, eating breakfast etc. You can find free printable charts online or you can have your children make their own. Place it where you know they will see it first thing every day. Morning Checklist for Kids
  • Make sure you leave enough time for a healthy breakfast. Any breakfast is better than none, but try to avoid having sugary sweets for breakfast every day. Your kids need fuel for their bodies and minds in order to be successful at school. 53 Easy Kid-Friendly Breakfast Recipes
  • Leave the house with plenty of time to get to the bus stop (or school, if you are driving). There is nothing worse than feeling rushed when trying to get somewhere on time. Arriving to school calmly and with time to spare sets a positive tone for the day.

Setting a consistent routine will make mornings more pleasant and the school day more successful!

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